WillowWood Exspress Cushion or Locking Liners 6mm Uniform

  • WillowWood’s Express Liner is a softer-durometer silicone that replicates the feel and comfort of TPE gel liners. 
  • The platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone contains skin-friendly Vitamin E to foster a healthy limb environment. 
  • And true to WillowWood form, no messy lotions or creams are necessary to don the liner. 
  • The soft silicone of the Express Liner is covered in durable Original fabric to help extend the life of the liner. 
  • The specifics for this liner are: uniform profile, 6 mm silicone thickness, and Orignal or Select fabrics. 
  • Size offerings are limited to Medium, Medium Plus, Large, and Large Plus. 
  • Availability is based on demand. 
 Product Highlights: 
  • Retrofits with Alpha Classic & Hybrid Liners with Uniform Profiles 
  • Uses a custom silicone that is formulated specifically for gel liner wearers 
  • Available in Cushion and Locking