WillowWood Alpha Classic Cushion or Locking Liners 6mm Uniform

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  • In order to provide an excellent socket fit and maximum comfort, Alpha Classic Liners are available in three gel thicknesses and various profiles and fabrics. 
  • Alpha Classic Liners are composed of a skin-friendly thermoplastic elastomer. 
  • The gel flows to adapt to uneven socket pressures, while its low rebound means the liner maintains its adapted shape over time. 
  • The liners are heat moldable, allowing prosthetists to easily stretch the liners within their facilities. 
  • The durable Original fabric helps extend the life of the liner. 
  • Alpha Spirit fabric may be used with Velcro®-type material and is more flexible than other Classic fabrics. 
  • The extra flexibility allows for easier to don and doff and easier to flex at the knee. 
  • The MAX fabric provides an outer cover for the liner that is more abrasion resistant than the other fabric options.
  • To aid in maximizing socket life, Alpha Classic Liners will retrofit with other Alpha Liners having the same profile, thickness.
Color: Gray/Green

    Once the sealed liner bag is opened the liner can not be exchanged.


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