Otto Bock Derma Proflex Sleeve Long

Otto Bock Derma Proflex Sleeve Long

Size 1 2 3
Seam color Blue Green Yellow
Knee center circumference 24 - 32 cm 30 - 40 cm 36 - 47 cm
Circumference 20 cm proximal to knee center 34 - 46 cm 40 - 54 cm 48 - 66 cm
Overall length 38.5 cm 38.5 cm 40.5 cm

Product Overview

Derma ProFlex is an anatomically shaped sealing sleeve made from a hard-wearing copolymer (TPE) with outer textile.

The anatomical shape results from a combination of 3 different features:

  • Pre-flexion of 15 for easier knee flexion and reduced formation of wrinkles in the hollow of the knee
  • Conical shape for comfortable pressure distribution in the area of the thigh and optimal adhesion to the prosthetic socket
  • Pre-shaped patella section for reduced pressure on the patella during the entire range of movement

The interplay of these 3 factors provides for a previously unmatched level of functionality and wearer comfort for the user.

  • The Derma ProFlex knee sleeve can be used as the primary suspension system or with a valve or the Harmony system. It is suitable for users with a low to high activity level.
  • Available in colors Silver or Black .
  • Thigh length from MPT to proximal brim approx. 26 cm