OSSUR Iceross Dermo 6mm Uniform Cushion Or Locking Liner


Product Overview

Changing from gel to silicone is easy with iceross Dermo uniform liners.
Because now they are designed to easily retrofit the uniform profiles commonly found in the market today, while still offering the popular features of our Dermo liners. Recommended for low to moderately active transtibial users, Iceross Dermo uniform Liners are ideal for vascular patients and those with sensitive skin.

Uniform Profile

  • Retrofits common profiles without making a new socket
  • 6 sizes accommodate most residual limbs
  • 6mm

Iceross Cover

  • Elastic and smooth feeling material
  • Easy donning/doffing
  • Durable


  • Seams cannot be felt through the silicone cushioning
  • Welded distal ends on cushion liners