KX06 4Bar Polycentric Hydraulic Knee with Proximal Adapter (NEW)


Comes with 4 bolt rotating male pyrimid adapter ont the top connection.

The KX06 is a unique polycentric prosthetic knee with hydraulic swing and stance control. It is designed for the most demanding physical activity of level 3 & 4 users. The geometric and hydraulic combination draws on the best functionality of each to enhance the overall gait smoothness on all terrain.


  • Polycentric knee with hydraulic swing and stance or swing only
  • 160° knee flexion
  • Water resistant design
  • Variable cadence
  • Mode switch for cycling
  • Multiple proximal adapter choices
  • Distal pyramid

Max. user weight/activity level: 150kg (330lbs)/3
145kg (320lbs)/4
Component weight: 1.23kg (2lbs 11.3oz)
Control unit: Blatchford hydraulic


  • Patient Weight Limit: 330lbs
  • Age Group: Adult