Otto Bock Derma Proflex Sleeve Reg or Short.


The Derma ProFlex Knee Sleeves 453A3 and 453A4 are anatomical preshaped sealing sleeves made from a durable Copolymer (TPE) covered with a textile. The anatomical shape is a combination of 3 different features:

  • 15° pre-flexion allows for easier bending of the knee and signifi cantly reduced amount of wrinkles in the knee fold
  • Slight conical proximal shape for increased the wearing comfort and a stronger conical distal shape for a tight sealing of the socket
  • Anatomical shaped patella area for reduced pressure during the whole movement process

The combination of these 3 factors provides the patient a high degree of functionality and wearing comfort. The Derma ProFlex Knee Sleeves are mostly used as the primary suspension or with a valve or the Harmony System and are suitable for amputees in the low to high activity levels.