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Prosthetics At Affordable Rates

Those who have to worry about using prosthetic limbs often face many different challenges in their lives. One of those challenges happens to be how expensive everything is just to be able to walk again. At USED PROSTHETICS, we make it a priority to supply others with quality-made prosthetic liners and limbs at affordable prices. Our business covers all 48 continental states and ships directly from Delhi, Iowa. Many of our prosthetics range in price from $200 to $795.

Our selection of product contains limbs from most manufacturer out there. While we look to help as many people as we can, most of our prosthetics are made for and use by people with a below-knee amputation. To ensure your comfort, we work with our customers to get the right that the prosthetic will fit properly . We  buy, sell, and provide customized work for setup on your below the knee prosthetics.

Prosthetic Feet

Our focus mainly involves below the knee prosthetics, as we have extensive knowledge in the area. Everything we get is top-of-the-line equipment from five to six incredible companies. Our preferred companies for liners are ALPS™ and WillowWood™, while our feet are mainly from College Park™, Endolite™, Freedom Innovations™, and Ossur. Freedom Innovations and Otto Bock products. We believe that  multi motion and  hydraulic ankle feet  give the best every day use quality of life.

Prosthetic Liners

Often times, a liner for your prosthetics can be as high as $1,200 dollars, and people commonly go through at least two per year. To help take the pressure off of your wallet, we sell ours at $150 to $350 per liner. In addition to the cost efficiency of our liners, the ones we sell have To be new and unused. If it is a open plastic liner we make sure they show no signs of use. We offer the best quality they can be.


While we buy and sell many used prosthetics, we also accept donations. Cash and prosthetic limb donations are always accepted and go towards helping others. Whenever a prosthetic is donated to us, we donate it to one of our customers free of charge.

Prosthetic Foot and Attachment