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Our main goal is to provide all of our customers with the knowledge of what types of prosthetics are available to them. Then to provide the best, most advanced prosthetic item for that amputee.The best and most advanced prosthetic devices and supplies are so expensive that a lot of amputees can only get them when they come to the used prosthetic market. Prosthetic devices and prosthetic supplies that amputees need or want can be hard to come by. If a insurance company will not pay for a prosthetic item that a amputee wants or needs, we try to offer it at a affordable cost to them. Lots of amputees need more than one prosthetic foot because they are designed to do different things. We offer our customers the opportunity to buy NEW prosthetic devices and supplies as well. There are a lot of amputees that do not need nor can not afford to to go see the prosthesis every time they need or want prosthetic items. We are the do it your self amputees. We can save insurance company's a lot of unnecessary expenses and costs at the same time. Many of our prosthetics are for AK and BK amputees. We have prosthetic new liners, pylons, adapters and tri axial hydraulic ankle prosthetic feet and other prosthetic feet as well. We acceppt prosthetic donations to make the lives of others better and much easier Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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About Us

I am a BK amputee myself and we have worked hard to find out as much as possible about prosthetic feet and the supplies need to keep a prosthetic limbs usable. We test every item we have to offer. We try to learn something new every day. A big problem is the cost and availability of prosthetic limbs and the supplies as well. We try to offer amputee's that do not have insurance or have insurance that will not pay for anything, or ampurees that do not qualify for assistance a chance to get what they need or want at a reasonable cost. Our goal is not just to sell prosthetic items, but to inform amputee's of what is available to them. When I got my first prosthetic, I was given the cheapest BK prosthetic and supplies available. The foot was like a board and I was not offered anything different. So when I found a hydraulic foot I bought it and I had to learn how to walk on it all over again because it was so different. When a prosthetist tells you that you did better for yourself than he could have done for you. That speaks volumes.

We sell new and use prosthetic feet and supplies with a wide variety to chose from. If there is a prosthetic item you need and we do bnot have it, please send us an email telling us what you need and we will try and get it for you. We will purchase your unwanted new and unopened prosthetic liners and other used prosthetics or possibly take it as trade towards the prosthetic you want. If a prosthetic is donated we will donate it or sell it  and the funds go to charity.

At USED PROSTHETICS., we work hard to make sure our customers get the prosthetic limbs they need to maintain their mobility. For us, it is all about improving the quality of life for those who have unfortunately suffered the loss of a limb. We enjoy what we do, and we love making people happy. Just hearing stories of customers returning to their normal activities and accomplishing many things, really fills us with pride, makes our week, and keeps us going.

Though we focus mainly on prosthetic feet and liners, we do what we can to get you what you need or want. Our low prices differentiate us from our competitors.

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